Shissler Elementary Art Show

We had a fantastic six week session with our older group at Shissler Elementary. To commence our celebrations, we had a pop up art show for our students, their parents, and their guardians to enjoy.

all sandwiches collage1 collage2 collage3 collage4
One of our last projects together were sandwich collages. Unlike the preschool group, I had an opportunity to invite our students to use scissors and add their own twist to the shapes of paper I provided. Some of our kids added incredible detail to their sandwiches, making still lives by adding tablecloths, vases, beverages, some even added giant mouths attempting to eat their creations.
creative inital1
We made fish out of water bottles, to symbolize the potential amount of plastic that will end up in our oceans in the next few decades if we do not take action now.FISH1 wall -monsters3 wall-monsters wall-monsters2 watercolor

We had a lot of fun experimenting with paper, paint, and oil pastels this summer. I’m hoping our students will remember the techniques we investigated together, to continue to produce even more beautiful works of art.

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