Create Your Own Self-Reflection Medicine Wheel

We invite you to make art for healing by participating in a journey through the four directions of the Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel teaches us about the interconnectedness of all things.  As each season brings its own special energy to the cycle of the year, so too does each direction of the Medicine Wheel bring its own prayerful energy to the Sacred Hoop of Creation.

East, the direction of Spring, brings us vision.
South, the Summer, is the place of passion and emotion.
West, the Autumn, manifests itself in the physical and the place of work.
North, the Winter, is the place of the spiritual and of realizing the fruits of our labor.

Healing Art Lesson inspired by the Indigenous Peoples in the Americas Medicine Wheel

  1. Make a circle and divide it into quarters with an X.
  2. Start with the East by drawing what you would like to envision in your life. Draw elements that remind you of the fragility of this newborn idea full of endless options and incredible potential.
  3. In the South, bring into the creation story how you would feel if you were to accomplish this goal. How would you look? What thoughts would you be thinking?
  4. In the West, draw all the steps you would need to make to accomplish the goal. Think strategically about prioritizing and the reordering of what you need to complete!
  5. Lastly, in the North, define how you would help others once you attained your goal. What other positive consequences would your actions directly or indirectly have on others?

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