Free Lesson Plan: Simple Seed Pod Birds

Title/Description: Seed Pod Bird

Level: Elementary School

Duration: One 45-minute class period

Historical Overview: Assemblage art

Goals and Objectives: To introduce sculpture techniques

Vocabulary: Mixed media, off center

Materials: Tempera paint, yellow pipe cleaners, tissue paper, kite string, paper, hole punch


Day 1

  1. Anticipatory Set: Show posters and books of images of different mixed media sculptures.
  2. Hole punch pods – two together in middle and two separate holes slightly off center.
  3. Thread kite string through hole and tie string.
  4. Review vocabulary.
  5. Demonstrate folding tissue paper like a fan or accordion and thread through double hole, then gently spread tissue wings apart.
  6. Have students choose two colors of tissue paper and follow along.
  7. Have students twist yellow pipe cleaners for legs and then two little pipe cleaners for each foot.
  8. Make sure to dip pointed end of pods into yellow paint and decorate the rest of the bird if there is additional time.

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