Seed Packet Design

The students at Shissler Rec Center were given pre-packaged marigold seed packets. The preparation in creating these packets was simple, print out a seed packet template and insert your own ‘cover’ design. Cut out the templates and fold along the lines. Place seeds in the center of the packet and glue the flaps and folds together to secure. 

The students colored their seed packets while Kristin explained about marigolds. She told them marigolds come in gold, orange, white, red and yellow — but the most common colors are typically yellow and orange. The students were very excited to receive these packets and vocally wondered what colors their marigolds would bloom to be.

I added that marigolds naturally ward away mosquitoes, so planting them at your house is beneficial in the summer.

The students questioned why the packet was so light, so we explained that marigold seeds are very thin and flaky. Some seeds were trying to escape, so the students did see what we meant. We encouraged them to plant their marigold seeds when they got home, as now is the perfect time to plant!