Tambourines at Samuels Rec Center!

The second group of students at Samuels Rec Center was smaller on the last day of classes. The goal was to make tambourine musical instruments. I had one of the kids pass out two paper plates to each student. Then we passed around a bag of buttons, beads, gems, feathers, and shapes for the kids to pick out from. They used these to decorate the top of their instruments as well as picked out beads to put inside to make the rattling noise. Some of the kids did not want to put any beads on their instrument and decided to just decorate it with markers, and some wrote messages on their instrument. Once the kids were done decorating they took their paper plates and beads to the hot glue gun station where my assistant glued the plates together. One girl had the idea to attach a popsicle stick in between the two plates so that she could hold it upright and shake it. Several kids followed in her direction and attached popsicle sticks to their tambourine as well!

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