Sea Turtles!

Today at Fishtown Rec, the kids and I made little baby sea turtles out of egg cartons.

We used the portion of the carton in which the egg rests, using that as the main body/shell of the turtle. After coloring the shell of the turtle brown, we poked little green pipe cleaners, folded in half, to make the legs of the turtle. Then, we glued a little fuzzy pom-pom, the color being the choice of the kids, to the shell and attached googly eyes to the pom-pom.

The lesson focused on the anatomy of the turtles and the purpose and function of each part of the turtle. We explored what a sea turtle might need in order to survive, what it eats, where it can be found, and some fun facts about ancient turtle fossils. We also talked about the journey baby turtles must go through in order to get from the sea shore to the ocean waters.

In comparison to last week, when we worked solely on our stuffed animal books, the kids were very calm. Today, the kids were very receptive, attentive to what I was saying, and extremely patient. As always, the children were very eager to answer any questions I had. They were very, very enthusiastic about their little baby turtles.

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