Sculpting with Celluclay

Project Title: Sculpting with Celluclay
Description: Students will create a 3-dimensional bowl or plate using Celluclay.
Author: Dayna Ensminger
Grade level or Target Age Range: Elementary Level, ages 9+

Historical Art Examples or References: Sculpture examples from various artists
Vocabulary: Papier mache, Celluclay, sculpture, 3-dimensional
Materials: Newspaper, Celluclay, paper towels, water source, containers for water, buckets to mix Celluclay, plastic plates or bowls for molds


1. Discuss papier mache with the students. Explain that Celluclay is similar, as it will give you a 3D form when complete. Compare how using 3D materials is different than 2D materials (i.e. it will be see ‘in the round’)

2. Separate students into small groups

3. Set out a bucket of dry Celluclay and cups with water.

4. Students should add the water, a little at a time.

5. Begin mixing Celluclay and water with hands until you get a dough-like consistency.

6. Press Celluclay into plastic plate or bowl. Smooth it out with water. Add or remove Celluclay to get the shape even. Do not fill the bowl or plate, try to shape it within.

7. Allow to dry for several days to a week.

8. Remove dry Celluclay bowl or plate from it’s plastic mold.

9. Paint with tempera paints or acrylics.


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