Free Lesson Plan: Design Your Own Posters and T-shirts

Title/Description: Screen Printing Posters and T-shirts

Level: Middle/High School

Duration: One 45-minute class period

Historical Overview: To introduce silk screen printmaking and graphics techniques

Materials: Silk screen, 250-watt photo bulb, poly gloves, letter set, squeegees, photo emulsion, textile ink, t-shirts, poster paper, brush, cardboard


Day 1

  1. Students make their own drawings.
  2. Transfer drawings to screen using photographic equipment and photo emulsion.
  3. Use squeegee to wipe ink evenly across silk screen surface.
  4. Print on paper first (as test run), and then on t-shirts (put cardboard inside shirt so ink doesn’t bleed through).
  5. Add details with poster paint.

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