Scary Scarecrows and Colorful Kites!

We had a lot of fun celebrating fall this week at Fishtown Recreation Center! We began with the scarecrows. We gave each student a brown paper bag with buttons and construction paper for the hair, hat, and nose. The children were able to glue the construction paper onto the bag, and then use markers to customize their scarecrows. Afterward, they then were able to open up and fold the paper bags to make the scarecrows stand up! In this activity, the children learned about the purpose of a scarecrow and were fascinated at how the scarecrows were able to stand on their own like a real scarecrow!

Next, we made colorful kites! We gave each child a kite made from plain white paper and string, and we gave them markers to decorate their kites. They very creative when drawing on their kites & coloring it in! Many of the children opted to do color with their favorite colors, some asked for help to draw their favorite animals, and some colored their kites with a rainbow! The boy in the 5th picture was especially happy with the beautiful kite that he decorated with an awesome rainbow and butterfly! He was very excited to show off his kite to us and his fellow classmates, and it was very heartwarming to see how much joy the activity brought him. Many of the children enjoyed playing with the kites after they finished drawing on them, and we’re very happy to know that they were able to take it home and play with it more.

We then wrapped up with a story called “My Favorite Seasons.” The children were able to learn about the different seasons and the activities/weather changes associated with each season. They listened intently, and really enjoyed storytime.

We had lots of fun today, and it was a wonderful way to wrap up the month of November. I’m excited to start our December-themed activities!

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