Free Lesson Plan: Sandwich Collage

Collage Art for Conversations around Food, Food Groups and Health

Huge Hoagie or Monster Sandwich Project Collages: A group project that inspires sharing and team building

Pre-school through elementary school age appropriate

Vocabulary: Basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, and rectangle), all over pattern, texture, repetition, collage

Materials: Manila paper (recycled files and faded and yellowed paper), paper scrap construction paper, glue, markers, scissors

Optional Materials: Paper plates and napkins


  1. Students build sandwich with all the different toppings
  2. Pre-cut construction paper can be helpful
  3. Have students brainstorm foods for sandwich – bread, cheese, meats, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, etc.
  4. Individuals or groups can be responsible for making enough for groups and sharing shapes
  5. Paper plates and napkins are extra props that make this project fun
  6. Students can use markers for details like sesames or add an olive with a toothpick
  7. Entire collage can also be put onto a white paper plate or white paper cut into a circle

Opportunity for Discussion and Play:

  • Students discuss favorite types of foods for building this monster sandwich
  • Students can pretend their group is a sandwich shop
  • Create a restaurant name, menu with prices and descriptions for different kinds of sandwiches
  • When we make a sandwich how do we keep it sanitary and food safe?
  • Allergies and alternatives for breads, cheeses, meats

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