Saint Patrick’s Day Rainbows

Beautiful rainbows came to life at Fishtown Recreation Center this week in preparation for Saint Patrick’s Day. Every rainbow received a pot of gold at one end, and on the other, cotton ball clouds.

At the beginning of the class, while I was prepping, a few students offered to help me. They became my cotton ball “fluffers”, which was an incredibly important job. I love that these students get so excited about art that they actually want to help in the setting up process. Once my cotton ball fluffers finished their tasked, we began the project. Every student received red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple paint, along with a pot and three gold paper coins, and cotton balls. 

Together, we went through all of the colors of the rainbow, each step a different color. Then they glued down their pot of gold, and the cotton ball clouds on opposite ends of each other.

I love seeing the students painting and sharing with one another. They all work so well together.