Row House (Floor Plan)

This week at Penn Treaty felt like a new beginning in a way because we started working with a new group of students in a different classroom. I made sure that I took the time to talk to each student while helping them work. I’m very excited about working with these students for the rest of the semester and very intrigued with how they could potentionally incorporate science in their artistic practice. The reason I brought up science was because it’s a subject that the students are interested in.  The lesson was all about teaching the class how to develop a floor plan for their dream house. We started off by a large square as a perimeter along with the front & back door, front & back yard, and the window on a sheet of graph paper in order to get a clear idea of the amount of space to build the other rooms. The reason why we used graph paper is because it’s easier to measure the rooms, furniture, stairs, doors, etc. After they finished making their basic structures, they really started getting imaginative by adding game rooms, indoor & outdoor pools, candy rooms, movie rooms, etc. I’m interested in seeing their homes being fully fleshed out through a 3D print.

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