Rock Stars at Cione Recreation Center

Students at Cione Recreation Center are ready to go on tour after finishing their guitars this week. The students really went above and beyond to stylize their guitars. Using a combination of collage and hand drawing student’s designs included features like frets, a sound hole and tuning keys. As well as their own inventive illustrations. One student’s guitar represented a mythological narrative. She drew Hades and his three-headed dog. Another student transformed his guitar into a dragon. He added wings and fire to create an awesome dragon-like shape.

We used yarn to create strings for the guitars. I cut the strings for them as they worked and I gave them a general idea for how they could attach them. This was a great opportunity for kids to individually problem-solve how to attach them with glue. Sometimes, I don’t over explain how to do a task when it comes to creative projects. I like to present an idea and see how students figure out how to implement it. One student took the initiative to use a stapler to attach her guitar strings. It’s important to not be too controlling as an art teacher and to allow students to experiment.

Most students love having their photo taken. I made it extra special by having them strike their best rock star pose in front of this ‘Rock and Roll’ sign. Parents and guardians that picked them up were impressed with their child’s creation. The kids were eager to show them their final piece and overall they really enjoyed the project.

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