Robert Indiana’s LOVE Sculpture Recreation

Greta is a working artist and is currently attending school for art education. This is her first semester working with Art Sphere. Her goal is to inspire her students to learn about the world through art, and express themselves freely.

This project teaches kids about one of the most famous sculptures in Philadelphia created by Robert Indiana, while also going over the color wheel.

Greta was the author of this lesson.

Grade levels were kindergarten-5th grade.

For vocabulary Greta’s class used words like: color wheel, warm colors, cool colors, complementary colors.

Materials included acrylic paint, paint brushes, panel or canvas, cups with water.


  • First have the students divide the piece of panel up into four boxes by drawing intersecting lines with a pencil.
  • Next, have them come up with a four letter word and write each letter in the boxes still with pencil.
  • After all the pencil marks are completed, pass out the paint, brushes and cups of water. Tell the students to start by going over the letters with paint.
  • Once all of the letters are painted over, start filling in the background with a different color.

Looking into the further meaning of this project, I think it is really important for the students to be knowledgable about artist that come from Philadelphia. This can give them a sense of pride in their community and city as well as proof that you can grow up and become an artist.

Passing out the materials in stages helped allow the students to focus more on the task at hand and not get distracted with the materials. They also really enjoyed coming up with four letter words.