Recorder Finger Chart

To play a recorder it is fairly simple!

To play a low ‘C’, you press your fingers down over all the holes and blow!

For a low ‘D’, press all fingers down except the very bottom pinky.

Next is an ‘E’, where all fingers except the last two are pressed down. 

To play a ‘F’, press down all your fingers except your lower middle finger!

A ‘F#’ (called an F Sharp) is played when all fingers except the bottom pinky and pointer is pressed.

For ‘G’ to be played you only need to cover the top four holes!

‘A’ only gets easier and needs to cover the top three holes.

A ‘B’ only covers the highest two holes.

To play a ‘C’ you cover the index finger and ring finger hole.

Lastly, to play a ‘D’ you only cover the second hole with your ring finger!

To test out your new note knowledge try to play ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ on your recorder!