Radial Design (Mandala)

This week’s lesson at Penn Treaty, we picked up where we left off with one and two point perspective drawing in order to get all of the students caught up so they would be ready to learn about radial designs in the form of a mandala. I can definitely say that the mediation music really helped the students stay calm and focus in comparison to last week’s class.  I really appreciate how much they were willing to participate and work because normally they are more impatient and tend to lose interest fast. I feel like the transition between perspective drawing and radial design was great because they both go hand in hand when it comes to symmetry and balance. What’s really cool about mandalas is that there are no limitations when designing them and every shape is the same on all sides. Overall, I can see that some of these students have the potential to go to the level while others are a little timid , so I’m going to work extra hard to support and guide them until they fully develop their creative side within the subconscious mind.