Quick Postcard Project

Duration: 30 minutes

Level: K-8th ESL students

Objectives: To illustrate maintaining and making connections across the world through writing.

Materials: 3”x5” index cards, pencils, coloring materials

  1. Teachers hand out materials and explain postcards as a way to let people who live somewhere else know where you are, what it’s like there, and how you are doing.
  2. Teachers prompt students to think about someone they know who lives far away from them, to whom they could address their postcard to. If they do not have anyone to write the card to, the teacher could invent an imaginary person for those students to write to.
  3. Students decorate the front of the card with drawings of their current residence, school, or town/city.
  4. Students write on the back of it a letter to whomever the postcard is intended for:

“Hello, ______. How are you? I hope you are well. I am safe and happy here in _______. I live here with my (mother, father, siblings, cousins, family etc). I go to school here, and I learn (math, reading, writing, etc). Living in ________ is different from where you are. Here in _______, we…”


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