Printmaking with Stamps Lesson Plan

Printmaking Vocabulary:

Brayer – printing tool, used to roll out ink 

Ink – colored liquid used to write or draw with 

Screen Printing – printing process, using a stencil process on a silk/nylon porous screen and pushing ink through the openings 

Squeegee – usually a rubber object used in screen printing to press ink or paint through the screen openings 

U-gouge – tool used for carving (usually printing blocks), blade point is shaped like a “U” 

Veiner – tool used for carving (usually printing blocks), blade point is shaped like a “V”

Materials Needed:

  • Block Ink, Fabric Ink, Tempera Paint, Washable Markers, or Stamp Pads
  • Newspapers
  • Paper Towels
  • Paper or Fabric or Printing
  • Foam Brayers, Stamp Pads, or Brushes

PLEASE NOTE: If you are printing on fabric, you must use fabric ink and heat set.


  • Cover the surface of your work area with newspaper.
  • Use a large stamp pad, marker, or brayer to coat your stamp.Try to avoid using heavy-bodied paints or thick inks–they tend to clog the detail and effect quality when printing.
  • Cover any extra ink on the work area around the stamp with clean newspaper. This will prevent any blotches or unwanted ink/paint from getting on your printing paper or fabric.

General Printing Instructions 

  • Holding onto the edges of the stamp, press onto the desired surface gently. Applying too much pressure will cause your print to smudge.
  • Carefully remove the stamp by pulling straight up off the surface to avoid smudging.
  • If you are using the same color ink /paint for your next print, you can reapply another coating right away and repeat the print process. If you want to use a different color for your next print, simply wash the stamp in the warm, soapy water and pat dry with a paper towel. You may then proceed with a new color.

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