Printing Paint Patterns at Cione!

Project Title: Printmaking Pattern

Grade Level: Preschool

Vocabulary: Printmaking, markings

Materials: Foam boards, paint, paper, pop sickle sticks

Demo Directions:

  1. Give foam boards to the kids along with pop sickle sticks and let them use the sticks to make markings on the foam boards
  2. Once they are done, hand out paper and paints, let the kids apply the paints to the foam boards.
  3. Show the kids how to press the imprinted side down on paper, and let them begin printing.

This morning at Cione Recreation Center, we had the kids learn about patterns! Miss Cara set up a fun first project that consisted of foam boards, the kids could scratch on to create their patterns. After creating the their foam patterns, next was painting on the patterned side with what ever colors they wanted and then pressing it down on the paper. The kids continued to repeat this process until they were happy with their work of art! Even though Miss Cara only intended on having the kids create one piece of work with their foam patterns, they enjoyed the printing process so much, we had to let them do two!

Our second project for the morning was short and sweet! We created small city landscapes out of paint strips and fabric as the roofs that all had their own different patterns. The kids were able to choose out three of the “buildings” and then glued them down. Many of the kids enjoyed the different textures that the patterns on the fabric gave!

The kids had a very exciting day as they were all high energy and excited for art class. Also so many of them had so much knowledge on what a pattern could be! Today was slightly special as it seemed the kids truly enjoyed the process of pattern making and we ended the the day by hugging their teachers because they were so happy.