Print Making with Recycables

Description: Children are making plates out of recycled material to later make prints.

Author: Liza

Grade Level: Preschool to High School

Historical Art Examples or References: N/A

Vocabulary: Plates, Prints, recycle

Materials: fabric, cardboard (textured and plain), thick cardboard, liquid glue, scissors

Anticipatory Set: What are we going to make? Go through the process. Do you know what print making is?

1. We had a bag of various shape and texture cardboard along with square fabric sample that was textured.

2. We gave each child a thick piece of cardboard as the base of the plate

3. Then we gave them one piece of fabric and various pieces of cardboard.

4. The students glued the pieces on as they desired and we left them to dry

5. On a later date the children will be doing print making.

Do you know what it means to recycle

Do you know what print making is?

Why would someone want to print make?

Instructional Reflection?

The children were amazed that you can use print making to make a shirt.