Positive Affirmations

The children at Shissler Rec Center (and other recreation centers for that matter) have been using pencils with colorful little flags on the ends. The kids have been curious as to what these were, so it was explained by Kristin Groenveld, that they are “Words of Positive Affirmations.” Some of the writings on the flags are “Believe in yourself!” “Try your best!” “Create your dreams!” Kristin explained that these positive words are a way to keep yourself happy and motivated.

Shissler Recreation Center is very involved in games and sports, so Kristin went on to compare these affirmations to how they may act during a sport — you may think “I can’t do this, I’ll never be good enough”– but when those negative words float around in your head, they become the loudest words and the words that you believe. If you have phrases in your head like “I can do this. I will get better. I will hit that home run.” then you will start to become what you say.

We have the Words of Positive Affirmation attached to the pencils so kids can read them while they work and draw. They can feel special having just a few kind words that make them feel happy and proud. Spreading positivity and happiness to kids is so important and it’s what we strive to do as teachers, educators, and leaders.