Popsicles and Sundaes



Students created popsicles with paper, scissors, markers, real popsicle sticks and glue.

They drew a basic U shape and cut out of white paper which they glued to sticks.


They decorated each with markers depicting their favorite flavors and even made up new mixes of flavors composed of their favorite foods. True chefs – so creative!

Using scissors, students even cut bites out!

Our students also made ice cream sundaes with their favorite flavor ice creams and toppings.

They folded their paper in half and drew half the basic shape of a bowl and ice cream and then cut the paper while it was still folded to make sure it was symmetrical.

This easy ice breaker helped everyone share their favorite flavors and also helped everyone think cool thoughts during an very hot summer.

Notice iphone art top right photo. One student is taking a photo of me taking their photo – pretty clever!



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