Pop-Up Paper Houses

Bigs – Glavin Rec Center
Several children wanted to finish their circle loom friendship bracelets from the previous week. Those who chose not to continue them or had already finished were given folded paper in the shape of a house. They were asked to create whatever dream house they wanted. So many creative ideas! One child drew animals all over to have a jungle inside his house. Others, created realistic homes with proper staircases and all! It really allowed me to see the drawing levels of the children, and I was very impressed with everyone!

Jungle House! Bird cage on the bottom left, a lion in the middle, some sleeping animals in the kitchen, and someone dreaming upstairs!

Look at the detail and perspective!! Love the way this child drew his table and chairs from the side. I also noticed how he conveniently placed the TV so it could be viewed FROM THE DINING AREA! Too funny!

This boy spent so much time on the detailed brick on the exterior of his house! even drew a bench on the bottom left.

A dream backyard! Look how this child drew a fence AND showed just a peek of the backdoor and patio furniture! So amazed with this creativity!





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