Create a Pinwheel Art Lesson


To utilize the winds of March to teach about wind power demonstrated through pinwheels.

Recommended Ages

Preschool to Elementary


Square piece of colored cardstock or sturdy construction paper, about 8″ x 8″


Scotch tape

Pencil with full eraser



1. Begin the class by discussing energy and different ways we use energy from the earth. Introduce the idea of wind energy and how it’s a good alternative for the earth. Talk about having love for the environment

2. Have the child choose a square of paper

3. Next have them use a ruler or flat edge to draw a diagonal line across the square of paper, from the bottom left to the top right side. Repeat from the top left to the bottom right corner to form an X.

4. Now, have them make a mark about ⅓ of the distance from the center of the X on each of the lines.

5. Help them cut each line from the outer corner towards the center, stopping at the marks, so that the center third of the square remains uncut.

6. Have kids decorate the points on the left side

7. In each quadrant, pull the undecorated right hand point to the center, being careful not to crease the fold. Tape the four points to the center to hold.

8. When the pinwheel is complete, Go to each student and poke a thumbtack through the center of their pinwheel and push it into the eraser of the pencil so not sharp part of the thumbtack is sticking out.

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