Philadelphia’s Extraordinary Student Helpers!

Older students help set the tone of a classroom with their curiosity about the art projects and focus on their own artwork.They are sharing and offer a  helping hand to other students and care about other students’ art masterpieces. ASI Art Student Mentors are so important! They encourage young students when they are frustrated and can sympathize better because they are closer in age to the younger students.  When students just want to give up because they spilled glaze  for the third time- they pass them a sponge and give a warm smile. Responsibility is so important to share with our older students because it inspires their leadership and also helps them grow even more mature and confident. Carrying the precious finished glaze pieces and passing them out to the students is a task that is not entrusted to the careless, and they know it. When students are recognized as being capable and thoughtful, they exceed our expectations and and take their jobs very seriously. They make us all very proud of our roles and our contributions in the classroom!