Perfect Portrait

Description: Cubist-like portrait 

Objectives: Students have an opportunity to be the center of attention and practice observational drawing in a fun environment.

Author: Kristin, edit by Blair

Grade level or Target Age Range: preschool to middle school

Sample, Historical Art Examples, and References: Pablo Picasso, Spain

Vocabulary: Blind Contour Drawing, Texture

Materials: Paper and pencil.

Anticipatory Set: Have students ever tried drawing without looking? Introduce researched historical significance of project.


1. Show students examples of Picasso’s portraits. Demonstrate how to make a blind contour drawing.
(2 minutes)

2. Have students take turns sitting for the class while fellow students draw them using a single contour line without looking.
(15 minutes)

3.Have students take their favorite of the drawings they made and using markers, fill in the shapes with lines, patterns, shapes or colors. Have students work together and share materials.
(10 minutes)

4. Have students collect materials at the end of class.
(5 minutes)

Suggested Reading: Traditional Crafts from Africa by Florence Temko

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