Penn Treaty’s Frameworks in Design

We’re about half way into our spring semester at Penn Treaty, and our class has made great improvements in color design! Each week we’ve added on to our color theory lesson to demonstrate how simple acrylic paint can be used in combinations to create colorful effects.

Beginning at mastery of primary and secondary colors, students in the afterschool program have moved on to creating compositions which evoke a mood, and overall color and shape balance. In last week’s class we advanced to a new medium, switching from paper canvas to wood mirror frames. Painting on a permanent and more durable canvas was exciting for students, having spent 2-3 weeks practicing color comprehension on paper.

The frame painting assignment will be the first of final projects to be featured in our end-of-semester art show! Art programs at Penn Treaty traditionally culminate with a student art show on the final day of class, and during the coming weeks we’ve planned to introduce collage making and sculpture. Stay tuned and visit our classroom blog soon for more updates!

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