Penn Treaty Welcomes In Spring

In recent weeks at Penn Treaty we’ve had a greater turnout at afterschool art, and are excited to prepare for our Spring Art Show! Towards the end of March we began distributing art boxes to students who had regular attendance, and asked them to paint or draw at home during their free time. In the following weeks we asked those with art boxes to return with their at-home work, and exchange positive feedback.

The benefit of allowing students to create at home is they can work at their own pace, and have the chance to create while they are cognitively rested, as opposed to only during the hours immediately following a full school day. The results thus far have been encouraging, as the class is showing more confidence in their creative ability. Students are becoming more independent at mixing and combining new colors, and are enthusiastic to move forward in increasingly technical lessons.

The majority of the class has demonstrated mastery of basic color theory, and in the upcoming 2-3 weeks we’ll continue to work more on collages and painting, and introduce drawing techniques to construct spatial arrangements.

Penn Treaty welcomes in Spring!

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