Learn about Patterns and Printmaking!

Students at Cione and Fishtown got to experience printmaking first hand. I demonstrated drawing in patterns onto a foam board by using a popsicle stick as the tool. I had the students look around the room and find patterns in clothing and other objects. Once we all agreed what a pattern was, they tried their hand at creating repeating patterns. Some students drew shapes, lines, or dots. Once they finished prepping their foam board, I demonstrated painting their boards with washable paint. I explained that they had to cover all of the white spots, making sure not to glob the paint on. When they finished painting, I demonstrated how to press their board onto paper, rubbing in their image. All of the students were so excited seeing their drawings appear in color.

Since the project was so successful, many students wanted to keep printing. I encouraged them to use various paint colors, and to make multiples on a paper. Some students layered their prints, while others chose to do one print per page.

At the beginning of the class, I had asked the students if they knew what a print was, and a lot of the students told me that their parents use printers. When I explained to them that they would be the ones doing the printing, they were so excited. It was great watching the students see the other side of printing.