Create Your Own Pasta Person!

your destination: (objectives)

  • Create a portrait using only pasta.

travel kit: (materials)

  • Pasta, construction paper, glue, pencil.

on the path

step 1

  • Create a quick sketch of the person you are choosing to recreate on a piece of construction paper. 

step 2

  • Gather different types of pasta for the different features. For example, if you are portraying your sister and she has straight hair, you might want to use a straight noodle rather than a curly noodle.

step 3

  • Start to lay out the different types of pasta over your sketch. Once you are happy with the layout, glue the pasta down.

group tour (how larger class can be involved as group projects)

  • For a larger class setting, we could create noodle people instead of just portraits. The class could break up into groups and pick an artist that they are interested in and recreate them with the noodles.

extend your journey

  •  Create a 3D sculpture using pasta.

learn new vocabulary

  • Proportion, Scale, features, portrait, symmetrical, asymmetrical.

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