Learn How to Create a 3-D Paper House

3-D Paper: Homes

(Projects can follow on consecutive weeks)

Card House Project

Basic house project- folded paper students can make into a card

Vocabulary: Architecture, landscape, interior design

Materials: Glue, scissors, pencil/markers/colored pencils/crayons


  1. Demonstrate project and not cutting on fold line
  2. Students fold paper
  3. Use tracer or have students draw their own roof, door, and windows
  4. Students can cut the roof,door, and windows
  5. Students can put their family inside drawing directly on paper or using separate paper to make moveable figures
  6. Students can add furniture
  7. Students can decorate outside their house

Animated children’s books: For preschoolers

No, David! by David Shannon (The original story with sound effects) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QV1X3u1o3c

Origami House


  1. Handout sample -More complicated origami house filled with details
  2. Students can make a lager version using larger paper
  3. Students can follow directions above- see handout example

Opportunity for Discussion and play:

  • Having students recall what items are in which part of the house
  • To reinforce vocabulary say them in English and then also repeat in Spanish
  • Have students create a story about the family inside the house

Architecture Terms PowerPoint

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