Paper Bag Hand Puppets

Project Title: Paper Bag Hand Puppets

paper bag puppet

Description: Students make puppets to act and play with from paper bags. This is a great project to teach students how to work together.

Author: Candice

Grade Level or Target Range : preschool

Vocabulary : color, shape, character, features

Materials: small paper bag, precut yarn or string, markers, colored pencils, googly eyes, construction paper.

Anticipatory Set: talk about the different features everyone has and how no one is the same. Now can you come up with a character of your own?

minnow program spring 2015

Demo/ Directions:

  1. Glue yarn or string to the bag to make hair. ( 5 minutes)
  2. Then glue googly eyes onto the front ( 5 minutes)
  3. Next have students glue construction paper onto the bottom of the front for clothing (5 minutes)
  4. While glued parts dry, have students draw the nose and mouth o, and decorate the clothing (5 minutes)
  5. Now that our puppets are done, break students up into groups and have them make up a story for their puppets to act out. (10 minutes)

6 Have the groups perform their plays for the remained of the class (3o minutes)


  1. Was it difficult working together?
  2. Do you think working together is important?

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