Paper Bag Hand Puppets

This is my first week back with the preschoolers since Winter break. I have been so excited to come back with new and even more involved projects. For this class I wanted the kids to experience more than a classroom art project. My overall goal for the 10 weeks is for students to make games or toys out of their projects.

So I decided we would start the next 10 weeks with the Paper Bag Hand Puppets.

minnow program 15 06

The puppets don’t take long to make which leaves a lot of time for students to play with their puppets and create a class play.

The moment I showed them the two puppets I made I heard ” Can I play with one?!” from almost all of the students.  As I prepared for the lesson I let students play with them.

After we finished making all of our puppets we gathered together in a group on the floor and talked about a play the students would want to put on. Ultimately we decided that the class would put on a play about police officers catching a bad guy who stole someones bag. The police officers return the bag to the person and find out the bag was full of gold!

minnow program spring 07

After our class play we had the boys sing a song with their puppets and then the girls. Overall I think this was one of the best classes we have had together! Everyone was involved and excited to make something more out of their projects.

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