Painting Workshops at Cohocksink

Painting Workshops at Cohocksink Recreation Center

Teaching painting on canvas with approx 25, 5-12 year olds,  from 3-6 working with RSI’s: Ester, Emma, Gerry , Director Jerry and Danica starting with the location’s favorite theme of animals. Like at Cohocksink, Art Sphere Inc. tailors painting workshops to site’s needs and interests.

Students set up their pallets and materials and afterwards to wash their brushes and put their things away to dry.

Sample Painting Projects:

  1. Lilly Pond  – Monet: Fish, flowers, roots, water Vocab: Limited Palette, High key – Blue, Green Pink, Orange, and White
  2. Silhouette Rainbow Sunsets: Technique: wet on wet, vocab: Contrast, color wheel
  3. Jungle Scene – Rousseau: Animals of student’s choice, vocab: primitivism
  4. Spring trees reflected in water: brown, blue yellow, green
  5. Trees in snow with Cardinals, Contrast: brown, red, white, black paint on white paper
  6. Insects – Vocab: Mark making and repetition, stencils
  7. Monsters and Mythology- Vocab: Illustration
  8. Bowl of fruit – Vocab: Still life Shadow and shading
  9. Vase with flowers, Vocab: Viewfinder, composition, foreground, middle ground, background
  10. Abstract Shapes- Paul Klee: Warm and cool colors


Cohocksink Recreation Facility, 2889 Cedar St., Philadelphia, PA 19134
Director:Jerry Gaul, Phone: (215) 685 – 9884  Transit: Aramingo Av & Cambria St.