Out of This World!

Students at Cione Recreation Center explored the beautiful colors of outer space this week. We looked at photographs of outer space and discussed the variety of colors and abstract shapes. I then showed the kids the steps to make their own colorful deep space images using oil pastels.

Just using cups students could make their planets. I encouraged them to make more than one planet. Next, I showed them how lay in colors in their plants to make them spherical. Starting with the local color and then using a darker and light step of that color on the edges. For filling in the background, I asked students to use lighter colors around the their planets and then darker blues, purples and black for the edges of the paper.

I loved seeing everyone trying different techniques to complete their unique space-scapes. The photographs that we looked at were originally used for scientific purposes but we saw their artistic merit. Just like the photographs captured colors and phenomenons that the human eye would never have seen the students created new depictions of outer space that inspired by those photographic images.

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