Otter-puppets & Duck Habitats

My name is Rebecca and I am one of the teachers this summer for Art Sphere, Inc.! At Fishtown Recreation Center and Samuel Playground, the children participated in – many – fun art projects.  The projects allowed them to explore their individuality and bond with their fellow classmates.

So far, the lesson plans were about; caterpillars, jellyfish, fish, sharks, otters, ducks, flowers, and dreamcatchers. Many mediums were explored in the class to ensure that every child would have the chance to find favorite ways of expressing themselves. Children learn best through play, so art is a brilliant tool for interactive learning. The bottom line is, kids like to use their (1) imagination, (2) creativity and (3) individuality. Art class is a safe place to do all of that.

They designed otter puppets with markers, colored pencil, and marker, made from brown paper bags, googly eyes, pipe-cleaners and construction paper. Afterwards, they colored in duck habitats, cut out from copy paper. Doing these two crafts together allowed us to talk about wetlands, and how both of these species inhabit the land and water. We talked about the four seasons, and all of the possible colors they could use to make their habitats.

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