Origami Insects

Exploring Card Making and Insects

(Projects can be Community Service, MLK or Valentine Holiday Related)

Origami Butterfly 

Vocabulary: Symmetry, asymmetry, origami

Materials: Glue, scissors, paper, pencil/markers/colored pencils/crayons


  1. See origami butterfly template
  2. Start with basic origami tent fold, pulling up one wing on each
  3. Fold down triangle head to hold wings in place
  4. Fold butterfly in half through the middle of the body
  5. Fold wings away from body
  6. Ass extra creases to make wings look alive
  7. Students can then decorate butterflies with markers

Opportunity for Discussion and Play:

  • Students can research pollinators
  • They can create a flower garden out of construction paper or tissue paper
  • Students can draw metamorphosis of caterpillar using white paper drawn with outline of a jar and talk about transformations they have noticed in their schools or neighborhoods
  • Students can make caterpillars with a series of circles for body, rectangles for feet, and triangles for back decoration

See also: Origami Barnyard

Animated children’s books:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Folded hearts to make butterflies and ladybugs


1.     See templates 2.     Trace template, fold construction paper, cut, and color Ladybug, Ladybug http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6oLjMJ2FMQ 3-D Dragonfly


1.     Students cut a dragonfly body and wings out of strong paper or oak tag 2.     Decorate with marker3.     Cut slits into the dragonfly body pull through wings so that it can stand

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