Not Just Halloween Crafts

10-30 at Southwark

Students show off their art. On the left, the skeleton is wearing a custom dress and demonstrating the “dab” with it’s creator.
The sixth-grade class had a good time putting together their skeletons.

Last Tuesday was the second week at Southwark. We jam-packed the afternoon with two back-to-back art classes. Before we returned to our 2nd and 3rd-grade group from the previous week, we spent some time with a class of sixth graders. I forgot how rowdy kids could get! About half the class didn’t care for making art, but despite their best efforts the remaining half stayed engaged and didn’t get distracted. We started them off with the same spiderweb project that we did with the younger group the previous week. Some tried but struggled with it and became discouraged until we gave them a hand. Others breezed through it. We also had them do a skeleton papercraft: the students were provided with cut out bones to piece together. When they were done, we had to pack up and hustle downstairs for part 2. We repeated the projects with more success with the younger group. They had a great time with their skeletons, and even made clothes out of construction paper and named them. We finished the afternoon with a sugar skull project, “like the movie Coco!” All in all, a fun and eventful afternoon.

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