New Year (God Eyes Project & Designing Names)

For the first lesson of the New Year, we had the students at Towey work on an art project called God eyes, which was used by Indians in western Mexico as a symbol of God protecting them through prayer and other spiritual means that represents their ancient culture. I have done some extensive research on this project prior to the lesson because it was the first time I have ever heard of it, so I took it upon myself to participate in this assignment as well. The basic concept of making a God eye is to put two stick together in the form of a cross and wrap around some yarn in the center as a starting point. Next, you take the yarn and wrap it around each stick while flipping the cross back & forth expanding the design overall. When you get to a certain point, you could use a different size, color, or thickness yarn to continue where you left off and ending up with a variety of changes as your eyes move around the piece. One cool thing I really liked about this project is that you could even take things a step further by adding an additional cross with different size sticks to wrap yarn around drastically changing your overall design. The students really enjoyed doing this project because they were able to unwind and relax while being creative at the same time. In addition to the God eyes, we had the students design their name on craft paper some to place around the classroom before to finish off today’s lesson. There were also some new students that joined the class too.  

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