Nelson Week 2: Making Flowers From Traced Hands

This week’s theme at Nelson Recreation Center was about Earth!

When I was in first grade, my teacher had us make bouquets of flowers for Mother’s Day. We traced our hand on a piece of construction paper, cut it out, rolled it up, curled the fingers, and stuck a pipe cleaner in the center as a stem. I thought it was such a pretty but yet simple project so I thought it would be great to try with the kids! Coincidentally, the theme of the day also happened to be Earth-related, so it was perfect for the occasion.

The outcome of the projects was great! My favorite part of the project was when the traced hands where being rolled up to resemble a flower. It was amazing to see how surprised the children were to see how their hand was able to be made into a flower. They got to pick their favorite color and decide what color stem they wanted. They made conversation with each other by asking for opinions on what colors they should pick and how they should curl their stems. It was so adorable and I was glad to see that they were as excited as I was when I was doing this for the first time in first grade.

We ended up with a beautiful variety of flowers with all types of colors and combinations!