Nelson Week 1: Making 3-D Birds

This was from my first day as an assistant art teacher and it was at Nelson Recreation Center! We started off with from comprehension tests for the children and then proceeded to make 3-D birds and water colors.

Although some of the children felt that they “did not know how to draw,” we guided them and showed them how to turn simple lines into a drawing of bird, which they then cut out and folded for a 3-D look.

Many of the children were impressed with the outcome of their artwork, especially this one little girl who was especially proud of her beautiful & colorful bird. As she was coloring in her bird, she explained to me why she’s using certain colors and what pattern she wants it to be in. It impressed me how she personal she made her bird and how much thought she put into it. When I told her that I thought her bird was very pretty, she beamed a big smile and excitedly asked if she could make a butterfly next.

I believe that our time with the children that day encouraged them to show their creative side through art and that there is no need to be “perfect” in art. Overall, It was a great first day and an awesome experience!