Free Lesson Plan: Indigenous Peoples in the Americas Culture, 3-D Paper Bear Projects

Exploring other Cultures: Indigenous Peoples in the Americas  Paper Bear Projects (Projects can follow on consecutive weeks) Vocabulary: Symmetry and asymmetry Materials: Glue, scissors, pencil/markers/colored pencils/crayons Directions:
  1. Read: Indigenous Peoples in the Americas bear mythology Bears are symbols of strength and wisdom to many Indigenous Peoples in the Americas and are often associated with healing and medicine.
  2. Trace bear template
  3. Cut bear body
  4. Fold bear
  5. This construction paper can be made to stand three-dimensional when he feet are bent glued onto a separate piece of paper.
  6. Cave, mountain, trees, beehive, stream, blueberry patch or other components can be added to make a Woodlands scene
  7. Additionally students can make their own animals using this folder paper method
  1. Read bear mythology and stars
  3. Constellation project- students can use white chalk on black paper to make big dipper and create their own origin story for a real or made up constellation
Opportunity for Discussion and play:
  • Why do you think people invented myths?
  • What makes a good myth?
  • Have students share their own myths reading them aloud and having audience clap for each.
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