My Reflections on Working with Art Sphere Inc.

Since , I started working at Art Sphere Inc.,  I have learned different ways to create and make art. Observing how others make art, reading art lesson plans, working with artists, and seeing many samples of art has  taught me how to make art myself .

Art has become less difficult for me understand as well.

Working at the Art Sphere Inc. has given me more knowledge on how others are creative and I can think more creatively myself.

It has given me the opportunity to reflect on my abilities to visualize an idea and execute it.

Art Sphere Inc. has given me  a different type of work experience that I have been seeking.

The work is very hands on! Prepping projects for kids to make helps me understand the process and steps to creating a finished project.

Seeing different types of art is interesting  and impressive!

I would like to learn more about more types of art now,  how famous works are created and even how to best display art.  I now find art to be very meaningful and significant in my life.

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