My First MLK Day Event!

This is Dorian here and I’m going to tell you what happened on MLK Day.

On MLK day, we hosted an event to get people to volunteer and to prep after school program craft projects for children. We set the area with tables and chairs and we set up each table with different things to do. Such as hot gluing, cutting, folding, etc. By the time we were finished, we had over 70 people come to volunteer including children. We went around the room telling each table what projects to do. One example was cutting out hearts out of phone book pages. I went around and answered people’s questions and helped them out if they were confused about anything.

Another thing I did was hand out cards for people to fill out for veterans and senior citizens for Valentines Day. When the event was over, everyone helped out by cleaning up, breaking down tables and chairs, sweeping, and collecting projects.

This was my first MLK day and I was very excited to help out. Knowing that everyone was together talking to each other and having fun while putting together craft projects for children made me feel happy. Also writing cards for the senior citizens and veterans was very heartwarming. I feel happy knowing that those people that will receive their cards will feel loved and appreciated.

I’m very happy to know that having an event like this is helping others.