Movement and Meditation Lesson

Lesson: This routine uses the fun game of Simon Says and meditation to help the class settle down and get ready for the day. It’s an effective tool that lets the children exercise their bodies as well as their minds, and it also helps establish a daily routine for their lessons. It’s important to establish a routine in the classroom as it helps with classroom management, and children feel safer when they know what to expect. Lastly, it helps reinforce the importance of listening to the teacher or whoever is talking and giving directions.

Materials: Singing Bowl or other echoey instruments, like a gong or triangle

Age group: Though this exercise benefits people of all ages, it is specifically helpful for pre-schoolers and elementary schoolers.


Step 1 Play Simon Says! Make sure everyone is participating and trying to follow your directions. Try to keep the students interested by using new directions and motions. You can also make the movement more challenging by asking them to do things like stand on one foot and put their arms in the air.

Step 2 After doing a lot of high-energy movements, lower their energy by giving them slower movements and changing the volume of your voice. Try to speak speaker. Eventually, move everyone to sitting on the floor, legs crossed. 

Step 3 Transition into your mediation session with a Singing Bowl, and frame the meditation like a game where the kids raise their hand only when stop hearing sounds. Ask everyone to close their eyes, then start playing the Singing Bowl (or gently strike the triangle, glass, gong, or other alternative tool you may be using). Make sure the students raise their hands once the ringing ends. Repeat this step 3-4 times.

Step 4  Move on to your next activity! The kids will feel mentally settled with this routine, and they’ll be ready and focused for your next teaching lesson.

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