Mother’s Day Color Study

Your destination: (objectives)

  • Create Kandinsky’s color study with heart shapes instead of circles for mother’s day. Through this lesson the students will be able to observe how colors interact together and interpret what the colors may represent to them.

Travel kit: (materials)

  • Water based paint (gauche, watercolor), paint brush, crayons, paper (watercolor paper works best)

On the path

Step 1

  • Create a grid on your paper. Two lines vertically and three lines horizontally should do the trick! Next draw hearts in all of your boxes. Make sure that hearts are taking up most of the space in the box.

Step 2

  • Now time for experimentation! Pick a few of your hearts and paint them different colors. This is going to be the start for the wet on dry technique. Where you paint over an area with dry paint. The other technique and what you can do while your wet hearts dry, is the wet on wet technique. You can do this with the rest of the hearts by painting them a color, and the while the paint is still went paint directly over the heart with another color.

Step 3

  • Paint the areas around the heart in the separate boxes.

Group tour (how larger class can be involved as group projects)

  • The class will learn about Wassily Kandinsky as an artist and how he views color and it influences his work.

Extend your journey

  • Wassily Kandinsky also used music to influence his work, the students and I could talk his view on music and painting.

Learn new vocabulary

  • Color study, interact.

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