Monstrous World

Description: Invented landscape, dinosaurs, or monsters

Objectives:Students build images from their experiences making texture

Author: Kristin, edit by Blair

Grade level or Target Age Range: Elementary to middle school

Sample, Historical Art Examples, and References:Max Ernst, Germany

Vocabulary: Surrealism, Rubbings, and Texture

Materials: Pencils, white paper, objects with various textures

Anticipatory Set: Discuss the senses, show how humans rely heavily on vision, and ask students whether they have ever noticed strange textures in a room or place outdoors.


1. Show students an example of rubbing and review the historical significance of the project.
(2 minutes)

2. Have students travel around the room exploring and choosing textures from objects in the classroom or from their personal belongings (e.g. soles of their shoes). Have students create rubbings from their chosen textures with pencil and paper. Give students a specific time limit and use the turning off of lights or music as a cue.
(10 minutes)

3. While students are creating their rubbings, read story or show pictures of different dinosaurs.
(5 minutes)

4. Have students transform rubbings into a landscape with dinosaurs or make-believe creatures.
(5 minutes)

5. Have students add their own dialogue in the form of text bubbles or a story on the bottom of the page or on the back.
(5 minutes)

6. Have students collect materials at the end of class.
(5 minutes)

Suggested Reading: Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

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