Mexican Deserts at Fishtown

On July 31st we had a small group at Fishtown so we had both age groups work on a Mexican Desert project. It was an easy way to teach the kids about warm and cool colors (or hot and cold, which seemed a bit easier for the kids to grasp). Kids picked pastels in warm colors for a day scene or cool colors for a night scene. Before we started we had a class discussion about deserts and the kids brainstormed about plants and animals that live in the desert. Some of the kids went beyond the example project we made for them and made their own snakes and birds to go along with the cacti. It also made me happy to see how excited some of them got about the paper crimpers to give texture to the sandy landscapes. The paper crimpers are a bit tricky to get working so it was nice to see some of the kids helping each other achieve these fun textures.