Message From An ASI Website Worker

For the past seven months I have been helping to enhance the ASI website and blog. Working with the team at ASI, we have reorganized and added styling to many pages and improved the site navigation. Additionally, we have created new content that includes a page for the ASI book Creating Legacies Through Art. A digital pdf version of the book is available through this page.

Working for Art Sphere first as a volunteer and later as a consultant has been a great experience. I first learned about ASI at Bucks County Community College. Art Sphere’s Executive Director Kristin Groenveld taught one of my classes at Bucks in the Web and Multimedia Program. Kristin’s excitement and positive energy fed my desire to contribute to Art Sphere. Having a background in drawing and painting, I was interested in seeing how I could apply new found digital skills to an organization that has a related connection to the fine arts.

Since working with Art Sphere, I have have seen how the collaborative spirit connects people and benefits the civic and environmental quality of a community (e.g. through mural programs and community clean up activities). In similar way, attending meetings with volunteers has also been rewarding. I have met many people who bring their unique skills to ASI. While we learn from one another, the collective effort provides both new ideas for programing and ideas for creative ways to get reach people about the many opportunities that Art Sphere provides (e.g. take a look at the ASI calendar for upcoming events).

Although I have my hands on the keyboard and mouse, I have not given up my passion for working with art in a direct way. This includes using paint brushes, pencils, and even the printing press. In March I was fortunate to have an exhibit in Philadelphia at Second State Press. The exhibit also had a review in Knight Arts. Below is a detail image from the exhibit.


The last seven months have been busy. However, it has provided evidence that if one contributes, continues to learn and grow skills, then goodness springs up. I will continue to stay positive!

Kip Deeds
Artist, Designer, Blogger

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