Meet Ning Zhang!

Hello everyone. This is Ning Zhang who comes from China and lives in Philadelphia right now. I am a graduate student at Drexel majoring in Digital Media, a field regarding 3D Animation and Computer Games. I love everything related to art, especially marrying it with technology. Based on my academic study and personal appetite, I have great interest in photography, drawing, teaching and helping others; which is also why I joined Art Sphere.

I am a teacher in Tzu Chi Center nowadays, and teach the children there about drawing, paper cutting and some other art related projects. I really love them not only just because they are young and cute, but also because they have powerful imaginations. Working with children makes me feel relax and creative so that I can find beauty more easily. I have to say I really enjoy this program. Meanwhile, I also take part in some translation jobs. Because I am the person who manipulates two kinds of language: English and Chinese, to name them. So, it is necessary for me to be involved with them and I am happy to help.

Arts are to me as, well, as honey is to a bear, which can make me feel happy and to calm down. I even remember the first time I took a picture of a mountain and printed it out. The beauty of photography really touched me and I deeply fell in love with it. I believe art is totally something that can make life easier, build connection among people and benefit communication. So let’s all put the arts into our heart and do something using it.

I am happy to find Art Sphere, which is an organization always contributing to the arts, and I feel glad to join it. I can spend much more free time on some meaningful events with Art Sphere, which not only give me colorful experience, but also extend my horizon. I get a lot here.

In addition to attend Art Sphere, I am also a volunteer in PAWS which helps homeless dogs and cats, Free Library of Philadelphia being a pop-up salesman and Computer Lab Leader. I do have plenty of interests in different areas, for example, cocktail, storytelling and of course photography. I also want to have some experience in horse riding and flower management. So if you are happy to make friends with me, feel free to contact with me!



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